A weekend of racing at the e-Trophée Andros

Follow us! We take you to discover how a race weekend at the e-Trophée Andros unfolds.

Andros e-trophy race weekend

For the second year in a row, AMEG Group is following the car racer Aurélien Panis in the heart of the Andros e-Trophy. This partnership is an opportunity to immerse oneself in automotive technology, but also in the championship. The world's biggest car competition on ice takes place every winter for two months. Follow us! We'll take you on a journey to discover how a race weekend at the e-Trophée Andros unfolds.

The e-Trophy calendar

The Andros e-Trophy is held on six circuits in December and January. This year, the 34th edition starts on the weekend of December 3 and 4 in Val Thorens. Then, the five other meetings follow one another:

  • Andorra, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 December 2022
  • Isola 2000, Friday 06 & Saturday 07 January 2023
  • Tignes, Friday 13 & Saturday 14 January 2023
  • Lans en vercors, Friday 20 & Saturday 21 January 2023
  • Super Besse, Saturday 28 January 2023

Aurélien Panis is competing in the Elite Pro category , which includes professional teams. With his Sainteloc Racing team and his 100% electricAudi A1, Aurélien will try to win these races one by one.

Behind the scenes e-trophy andros


The course of a race weekend at the e-Trophée Andros

How exactly does a race weekend work? Each of them includes two races, one per day, except in Super Besse where only one race is held.

Each event is organized in four phases: practice, two qualifying heats, super pole and two finals (one final and one super final).

The tests

Free practice does not count towards the championship, but it is a "warm-up" session. Drivers can do a maximum of three laps to practice. This allows the team to observe the track and adapt the car's settings: the chassis, studded tire pressures, electric motor MAP management, etc.

The qualifying rounds

During the qualifications, the times are timed and determine the starting grids for the finals. These two qualifying heats are very important, as 80% of the points are awarded in them. Each heat consists of four laps, during which the objective is to go as fast as possible. The ranking of the final is based on the driver's best heat.

The super pole

At the end of the qualifying heats, only the top six riders compete for the super pole. They race on a single timed lap to earn extra points.

The accumulation of the points of the qualifiers and the super pole gives a provisional classification which gives the starting grid of the finals in pack. The one who has the most points starts first and so on.

Races and organization of the car events


The finals

The first six of the provisional ranking will compete in the super final and the following ones in the final. The pack race lasts six laps. The goal is simply to arrive first and collect more points!

The winner of the e-Trophy

At the end of the day, all the points earned are added up to establish the final ranking of the race. The winner is the one with the most points.

Of the eleven races contested, only the nine best results will be considered for the title of winner of the e-Trophée Andros. At the end of the last race in Super Besse, the title is awarded to the driver who has accumulated the most points throughout the two months.

Knowing this, we wish our partner Aurélien Panis to score as many points as possible and to finish as winner on January 28th 2023!