Expertise in document engineering

Document engineering consulting

  • Marketing & communication
  • Industrial communication
  • Training
  • Multimedia (for PC, tablet, smartphone...)

Our expertise

Our teams specialize in the management of projects and missions to build document information systems. We account for the needs of our clients related to their business policies, their research and development policies, their knowledge management and their information policies to carry out the following missions:

  • Marketing communication: promotional brochures, technical data sheets, commercial catalogues, interactive catalogues, instructions for use, quick-start.
  • Industrial communication: illustrated instructions, installation, use and maintenance manuals, operating procedures, workstation sheets, spare parts catalogues.
  • Training: e-learning, webinar, web-class, in-Class.
  • Multimedia: Flash animations, 3D animations, video editing, interactive catalogues, realistic photo rendering, web.

Our expertise in document engineering

Industrial communication

A team of writers, illustrators and layout artists support you in the production of your technical documents / Our technically trained project managers will quickly assimilate your products / Maintenance files, user manuals, work sheets, operating procedures, spare parts catalogues... / We also translate these documents.

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Graphic design and multimedia 

For an ease utilization and understanding, we create 3D animations of your products / Our tools can be used to describe assembly or disassembly phases, scenarios, settings, etc. / All these files can be used on all types of mobile devices (tablet and smartphone). / Virtual, 3D and interactive animations, video editing, flash animations, interactive catalogues, web, realistic photo rendering...

All about graphic design and multimedia

Marketing & communication

We ensure the document engineering of your communication supports, whether for professional use or for a general public (DIY). / In the pre-sales (promotional brochures, realistic renderings), marketing (technical data sheets, interactive catalogues, sales), installation (quick-start, instructions for use, etc.) and after-sales phases, we take great care to ensure that our documents are easy to understand and use.

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Training and e-learning

Our team of training consultants will build your course materials with your pedagogical teams / Qualifying exercises will be developed to assess the learning level of the participants, whether in In-Class, Web-Class, E-learning or Webinar / Our training modules can be used on all mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) and can be produced in several languages (also for audio).

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