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Data and industry

How is the data revolution transforming the industrial landscape?

Data has become essential to the strategy of every industry. How can you make the most of this revolution?

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industrial augmented reality

Industrial augmented reality, an innovative technology

Industrial augmented reality is an advantageous solution for companies seeking efficiency. We tell you all about it.

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autonomous car ADAS

ADAS systems for autonomous cars: a constant evolution

Autonomous cars with ADAS systems feature advanced technologies to simplify driving and ensure user safety. A real revolution in the automotive world!

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3D printing and industry

3D printing: where does it fit in industry?

How does 3D printing fit into the industrial sector? Focus on its advantages and technological potential.

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Laura Tarantola: Preparing for the World Cup in Italy

Follow the rowing team as they prepare intensely for the World Cup in Varese, Italy. In Bellecin, in the heart of the Jura, these athletes must train relentlessly to gain precious seconds.

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