General industry

General industry

Based on 40 years of engineering knowledge, our expert staff will be able to provide you with innovative solutions regarless of the size of your structure and your sector.

Our services in general industry engineering 

  • Management of studies and projects
  • Work monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Site extension

Case studies


Capacity increase of the Bernin site 3 LED-PV market

  • Capacity increase and cleanroom extension: implementation of a pilot line Substrate
  • Optimization and validation of studies up to full implementation + Turnkey with a tight schedule
  • Work management: fit-up, then equipment hook-up
  • Dedicated Facilities Project Manager: management of the 1st phase upgrades (16 equipments)
  • Validation and optimisation of requirements and studies
  • Follow-up of the execution works, planning and acceptance
  • Management of interfaces with the Owner and the Global Contractor
  • Quality-cost-delivery reporting
  • Management and optimization of equipment hook-up work
Mobilised engineer
3 people involved
1 project manager, 2 hook-up engineers
engineering in general industry
Fournier Group

Improvement and reorganization of the Metz-Tessy production site

  • Acquisition of new equipment
  • Cost control (investments,...)
  • Integration of the new production method
  • Improvement of flows
  • Extension of the production site by 10,000 m².
  • Installation of new equipment in parallel with continuous daily production
  • The success of the project led to a second industrial plan
engineering in general industry
Rio Tinto Alcan

Management of major industrial projects on 2 aluminium production sites

  • Develop a complete engineering office and project management support on client sites
  • To manage various projects in new works and revamping, in the carbon, electrolysis and foundry sectors
  • Assistance to the research platform on alumina electrolysis
  • Environment: ensuring the retention of polluted water on 2 sites
  • Management of studies and projects in general installation, piping, chlorine circuits, extensions, revamping of furnaces and power transformers
  • Project management for the revamping of the site's automation systems
  • Management of research projects in electrolysis process optimisation
  • Feasibility study for the extension of an anode baking furnace
  • Conducting the project to rehabilitate the plant's gas supply
  • Plant and water network audit, scenario analysis, study and implementation of an innovative solution for retaining polluted water in the event of fire
Mobilised engineer
8 people involved
5 expert project managers, 1 project manager, 1 site coordinator, 1 electrical technician
engineering in general industry