engineering in the energy sector


Coping with climate change, securing facilities and strengthening energy autonomy.

Our services in energy engineering

  • Studies
  • Project management
  • Production optimization
  • Design

Energy as key challenge

Our teams of energy engineers support projects in all areas of energy efficiency.

We apply qualitative methods and respect environmental constraints.

Our missions vary according to the needs of our clients: Studies, project management, production optimization and design.

Here are some examples of our consultancy services to companies working in the energy industry.

Case studies

Rolls Royce Civil Nuclear

VD3 project

  • 3rd ten-yearly inspection (VD3) of EDF power plants
  • Renovation of the control system
  • Main functions: triggering automatic reactor shutdown and backup actions
  • Design of 4 cabinets LC, UF, UD, UE
  • Preparation of design and implementation files, choice of technology
  • Definition and implementation of qualification plans
  • Increased digital processingExtended life of 30 years
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
2 engineers, 2 technicians
engineering in the energy sector
Total Gabon

Revamping of MV/LV installations

Support of a PMA mission concerning the revamping of the HV production and distribution installations of an oil platform.

  • Consideration of power increases due to the installation of new gas lift compressors
  • Minimise production downtime
  • On-site audit
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and calculation notes
  • Production of the WFD and related documents
  • Drafting of the work phasing scenario
  • Overall project management
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
1 project manager, 2 engineers, 1 technician
engineering in the chemical and petrochemical sector
Schneider Electric

SUBSEA projects

  • Conceptual design of a medium voltage deep water power distribution system
  • To provide a solution for the implementation of electrical components in a minimum volume with a high thermal stress
Mobilised engineer
2 people involved
1 engineer, 1 technician
IT / Software engineering expertise