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Automotive and transports

Mastering environmental issues and developing energy efficiency, developing electric and/or hybrid engines, developing IT equipment and driver assistance systems, reducing costs.

Our services in automotive and transport engineering

  • Production of technical files
  • Project follow-up
  • Cost optimisation
  • Architectural improvements
  • Supplier follow-up

The challenges of the automotive sector

Supporting the rise of electric mobility...
In the fight against global warming, the transition to cleaner mobility is a priority. At AMEG GROUP, we are convinced that the electric car is ushering in a new era for transport. According to some forecasts, it could represent 58% of passenger car sales in 2040.

While new regulations are being imposed on manufacturers, AMEG GROUP is putting its expertise in process, mechanical and electrical engineering at their disposal. We support them in the design and the manufacture of high-performance batteries that combine autonomy, weight, cost and charging speed.

...and the deployment of the intelligent vehicle
Driven by new technologies, the automotive sector has become a high-tech industry. In-vehicle services (guidance, real-time traffic, vehicle data, weather, business or health information) are no longer an option. The development of intelligent vehicles is underway, providing greater comfort and safety, and even reducing the carbon footprint.

Integration of sensors, connected objects, software, communication systems between vehicles, artificial intelligence and machine learning... Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of these technologies and constant monitoring, AMEG GROUP is accompanying the automotive sector on the road to an autonomous vehicle, capable of analyzing all the data on the road and learning continuously from its driving experiences.

Case studies


Realization TOC

  • Production of technical operating files (TOC) for special machines including description of equipment, operating procedures, maintenance, preventive/corrective maintenance and dismantling
  • Autonomous production of the file by technical training writers according to plans and other development files
  • Creation of neat and relevant illustrations
  • Development of the graphic charter
  • Compliance with applicable standards
  • Support of the translation
  • Integration into Michelin's EDM
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
1 Pilot, 1 Project Manager and 2 Technical Writers
engineering in the automotive sector

Number 1 automotive supplier

In a context of strong competitiveness and technological breakthrough, the product developed constitutes one of the strong visual signatures of the vehicle. The quality of the product, which is an appearance part, is imperative. The development of the product must also take into account strong constraints (thermal, optical, vibrations, appearance, small size) while respecting the style given by the manufacturer.

  • Skills: CAD design of plastic parts and tools, plastics processing
  • Product development project monitoring
  • Optimisation of production costs on existing products
  • Supplier follow-up, mould acceptance, testing
Mobilised engineer
5 people involved
Engineers, project managers,
engineering in the automotive sector
Automotive equipment manufacturer

Further development of the process for the on-form reshaping of plastic parts for the automotive sector

  • Deepening of the technique of reshaping on form for the realization of aspect parts dedicated to the automotive sector (dashboard)
  • Locating the areas where material is added to the part concerned and to the receiving part, as well as respecting the very critical geometric tolerances of the parts and their visual aspects
  • Detailed analysis of the architecture of the part initially developed
  • Reflection on possible architectural improvements to the room
  • Development of a new architecture incorporating the addition of material
  • Parallel development of a new geometry of the receiving part
Mobilised engineer
3 people involved
1 study leader, 1 project manager, 1 technician.
engineering in the automotive sector