Process engineering consulting

  • Research and development
  • Studies
  • Design and improvement of production systems
  • Industrial investment project management
  • Site supervision, testing and commissioning, France and International

Our services in process engineering


Capacity increase of the Bernin site 3 LED-PV market

  • Capacity increase and cleanroom extension: implementation of a pilot line Substrate
  • Optimization and validation of studies up to full implementation + Turnkey with a tight schedule
  • Work management: fit-up, then equipment hook-up
  • Dedicated Facilities Project Manager: management of the 1st phase upgrades (16 equipments)
  • Validation and optimisation of requirements and studies
  • Follow-up of the execution works, planning and acceptance
  • Management of interfaces with the Owner and the Global Contractor
  • Quality-cost-delivery reporting
  • Management and optimization of equipment hook-up work
Mobilised engineer
3 people involved
1 project manager.
2 hook-up engineers
engineering in general industry
Fournier Group

Improvement and reorganization of the Metz-Tessy production site

  • Acquisition of new equipment
  • Cost control (investments,...)
  • Integration of the new production method
  • Improvement of flows
  • Extension of the production site by 10,000 m².
  • Installation of new equipment in parallel with continuous daily production
  • The success of the project led to a second industrial plan
engineering in general industry
Dassault Aviation

Design and construction of flight control equipment assembly machines

  • Support a technical assistance mission concerning the study and realisation of a semi-automated assembly machine
  • Ongoing project and defence confidential
  • On-site technical pre-study
  • Production of the CDC for consultation
  • Follow-up of subcontractors for machine production
  • Testing and ramping up of the machine
  • Operator training
  • Overall project management
Mobilised engineer
1 person involved.
1 project manager.
Aeronautical engineering

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