General facilities engineering consulting

  • Project management support, study, design.
  • Calculations (fluid networks - piping), structural steelwork.
  • Electricity, automation, instrumentation: audit and expertise.
  • Public procurement: PDR, DPR, Project Studies, RFT.
  • HVAC, HSE, maintenance and reliability.

Our services in general facilities engineering

Carbone Savoie

Management of major industrial projects on 3 carbon and graphic cathode production plants

  • Converting an old factory to produce cathodes
  • Scaling up a production site
  • Managing various projects in new construction and revamping, dismantling, compliance
  • Managing a project with expertise in high voltage electrical safety / arc flash hazards
  • Project management to assist in the conversion of the plant concerned, Integration of furnaces and heavy machining
  • Management of the project to increase the capacity of the plant concerned (extensions, integration of grinders / mixers)
  • Project management for the design and installation of an OTR type flue gas treatment system.
  • Design and implementation of a cathode gluing/packaging line
  • Management of the gas supply project for the cooking process.
  • Audit, expertise and management of the ArFlash project
Mobilised engineer
8 people involved
5 expert project managers, 1 project manager, 1 project controller, 1 expert engineer HT.
engineering in the chemical and petrochemical sector
Rio Tinto Alcan

Management of major industrial projects on 2 aluminium production sites

  • Develop a complete engineering office and project management support on client sites
  • To manage various projects in new works and revamping, in the carbon, electrolysis and foundry sectors
  • Assistance to the research platform on alumina electrolysis
  • Environment: ensuring the retention of polluted water on 2 sites
  • Management of studies and projects in general installation, piping, chlorine circuits, extensions, revamping of furnaces and power transformers
  • Project management for the revamping of the site's automation systems
  • Management of research projects in electrolysis process optimisation
  • Feasibility study for the extension of an anode baking furnace
  • Conducting the project to rehabilitate the plant's gas supply
  • Plant and water network audit, scenario analysis, study and implementation of an innovative solution for retaining polluted water in the event of fire
Mobilised engineer
8 people involved
5 expert project managers, 1 project manager, 1 site coordinator, 1 electrical technician
engineering in general industry
Total Gabon

Revamping of MV/LV installations

Support of a PMA mission concerning the revamping of the HV production and distribution installations of an oil platform.

  • Consideration of power increases due to the installation of new gas lift compressors
  • Minimise production downtime
  • On-site audit
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and calculation notes
  • Production of the WFD and related documents
  • Drafting of the work phasing scenario
  • Overall project management
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
1 project manager, 2 engineers, 1 technician
engineering in the chemical and petrochemical sector

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