marketing communication

Marketing communications consultancy

  • We provide documentary engineering of your communication materials, whether for professional use or for the general public (DIY).
  • In the pre-sales (promotional brochures, realistic renderings), marketing (technical data sheets, interactive catalogues, sales), installation (quick-start, instructions for use, etc.) and after-sales phases.
  • We take great care to ensure that our documents are easy to understand and use.

Our marketing communication services

  • Technical data sheets
  • Interactive catalogues
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Commercial catalogues
  • Quick start
  • Instructions for use

Creation of catalogues

  • Production of commercial catalogues
  • Creation of realistic renderings of different products from CAD files
  • Creation of product reference files
  • Harmonisation of products and associated references
  • Integration of the graphic charter
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager and 2 technical writers
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Production of instructions for use

  • Creation of instructions for use for the general public (DIY)
  • Handling of the products for a faithful description of their functionalities
  • Creation of illustrations and realistic renderings
  • Technical writing
  • Management of translations in over 20 languages
  • Consideration of safety messages
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager and 2 technical writers
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Creating a quick start

  • Creation of a quick start wine cellar with a preservation system
  • Technical integration of the product
  • Respect for the client's wishes, creation of an illustrative sheet only
2 people involved
1 pilot and 1 technician
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