Training and e-learning consultancy

  • Our team of trainers will build your training materials with your teaching teams.
  • Qualifying exercises will be developed to assess the learning level of the participants, whether in In-Class Web-Class, E-learning or Webinar.
  • Our training modules can be used on all mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) and can be produced in several languages (also for audio).

Our services in training and e-learning projects

  • E-learning
  • Webinar
  • Web-class
  • In-class

Creation of training modules

  • Proposal of customer training modules
  • Creation of the module from photos, illustrations and 3D animation plans and images
  • Proposal for an educational module to discover the machine, making it more fun and more visual
Mobilised engineer
3 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager and 1 technical draftsman
Schneider Electric

Creation of a webinar marketing module

  • Creation of a webinar marketing module
  • Based on a story board, we created a webinar module for the training of new employees on a global scale
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager, 1 technical writer and 1 voice-over
woman in front of her mobile phone
Schneider Electric

Creation of e-learning modules

  • Creation of an e-learning module to discover the basic functions of the engine
  • Based on a PowerPoint, we carried out an editorial revision
  • Reduction of this content to make it more educational
  • Creating Flash animations
  • Creation of qualifying exercises
Mobilised engineer
3 people involved
1 pilot, 1 technical designer and 1 multimedia technician

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