industrial communication

Industrial communication

  • Through a team of writers, illustrators and layout artists, we support you in the production of your technical documents.
  • Our technically trained project managers will quickly get to grips with your products.
  • Maintenance files, operating instructions, workstation sheets, operating procedures, spare parts catalogues, etc.
  • We also translate these documents.

Our services in industrial communication


Realization TOC

  • Production of technical operating files (TOC) for special machines including description of equipment, operating procedures, maintenance, preventive/corrective maintenance and dismantling
  • Autonomous production of the file by technical training writers according to plans and other development files
  • Creation of neat and relevant illustrations
  • Development of the graphic charter
  • Compliance with applicable standards
  • Support of the translation
  • Integration into Michelin's EDM
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager and 2 technical writers
michelin tyre

Creation of catalogues

  • Creation of spare parts catalogues
  • Creation of illustrations in isometry (no CAD)
  • Technical understanding of the elements
  • Creation of the associated nomenclature
Mobilised engineer
2 people involved
1 pilot and 1 technician
arms manufacturer
Schneider Electric

Job description

  • Creation of job descriptions for the production unit
  • Creation of operator information sheets based on photos and illustrations for the entire production unit
Mobilised engineer
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager and 2 technical writers
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