graphic design and multimedia

Graphic design and multimedia 

  • For ease of use and understanding, we create 3D animations of your products.
  • Our tools allow you to describe assembly or disassembly phases, scenarios, settings, etc.
  • All these files can be used on any type of mobile device (tablet and smartphone).
  • Virtual, 3D and interactive animations, video editing, flash animations, interactive catalogues, web, realistic photo rendering...

Our graphic design and multimedia services

  • Technical data sheets
  • Interactive catalogues
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Commercial catalogues
  • Quick start
  • Instructions for use
Becton Dickinson

Creation of educational activities

  • Creation of educational animation
  • Understanding a product being marketed
  • Explain through illustrations the functioning of a syringe intended for professionals in the medical sector
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager, 1 designer and 1 voice-over
two syringes
Schneider Electric


  • Morphing creation
  • Miniaturisation of the various functions between the old and new products
  • Visualisation of the transition from an old product to a new one
  • Technical understanding of the elements
3 people involved
1 pilot and 2 technicians
woman in front of her mobile phone

3D Animation

  • Presentation of the ALTAÏR V4 product for an exhibition in Lyon
  • Demonstrate the operation and features of the meter
  • Highlighting its green design
4 people involved
1 pilot, 1 project manager and 2 technical designers
sappel logo

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