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track conditions

The different track conditions and how to adapt to them?

As you know by now, the e-Trophee Andros is a car competition that takes place only on ice tracks. What are the different track conditions and how do the racers adapt to them?

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Intelligent vehicle

Intelligent vehicle: definition, operation and challenges

What exactly do we mean by "intelligent vehicle"? How does this type of car work and what are the challenges?

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circuit val Thorens

The 1st Andros e-Trophy race in Val Thorens

We continue to follow Aurélien Panis closely at the e-Trophée Andros. On the weekend of December 3rd and 4th, the first race on the Val Thorens circuit went very well for the sports car driver. Let's have a look at this first stage.

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racing car battery

The secrets of the race car battery

The race car is also electric! What about the battery? How does it work and what are its characteristics?

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Andros e-trophy race weekend

A weekend of racing at the e-Trophée Andros

Follow us! We take you to discover how a race weekend at the e-Trophée Andros unfolds.

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