Industrial augmented reality, an innovative technology

Industrial augmented reality is an advantageous solution for companies seeking efficiency. We tell you all about it.

industrial augmented reality
Augmented reality (or AR) is an innovative technology that integrates 3D virtual elements into a real environment. It is not confined to the leisure and telecommunications sectors, and is now making its way into the industrial world, for a variety of uses. This technology is a key factor in the digitalization of industries and in improving their productivity.

What is industrial augmented reality?

A definition of AR

The role of industrial augmented reality is to provide visual and audio information to an operator, with the aim of facilitating his work and optimizing his productivity. Its use also improves the quality of industrial processes.

What are the tools for industrial augmented reality?

There are various AR devices that allow users to view 3D models or visualizations in real time. These are portable displays that facilitate the mapping of complex processes. They take two different forms: head-mounted displays and projectors. Head-mounted displays take the form of virtual headsets and goggles. They visualize virtual elements in the user's field of vision. Projectors, on the other hand, project virtual elements onto real objects, so that they can be seen by several people at the same time.

AR, a technology focused on the user experience

Augmented reality is an Industry 5. 0 technology that focuses on people. In other words, it boosts worker performance to achieve operational excellence with less investment.

Thanks to a platform for digitizing procedures, operators can carry out their tasks with greater ease and precision. They gain in efficiency, even on complex tasks. An invaluable assistant for technicians, AR also enhances their safety. What's more, it can also be used hands-free to make manual operations even easier.

Augmented reality also offers an answer to the challenge of losing skills and know-how. This technological innovation simplifies the transmission of knowledge through the digitization of industrial processes. Operators no longer need to look at or follow operating procedures. Better still, they can see them and interact with them to simplify the execution of their tasks. This helps reduce dependence on experts and guarantees greater productivity for the company.

RA industry

Other benefits of industrial AR

Improving performance

Augmented reality is a pillar of the Industry 5.0 digital revolution. As we've just seen, it helps improve the quality and precision of operations.

Its use enhances the fluidity of interactions and productivity on a production line. It facilitates machine control and visualization. Today, many industries use augmented reality to facilitate product development and manufacturing.

Industrial augmented reality is a major innovation designed to improve the economic performance of factories. It has a positive impact on performance gains. In fact, it ensures shorter execution times, fewer human errors and increased skills. It also enables operators to work faster and smarter by visualizing digital information combined with the real environment.

Another advantage of AR is that it creates synergy between digital spaces and human operational spaces. It therefore encourages the use of digital data in the field.

The broad scope of AR

Augmented reality is used at various stages of the industrial sector, from the design of an object to its marketing. It's obvious that industrial augmented reality is used in production, technical assistance and maintenance, but this technology is also useful in other stages of the industrial sector, in marketing, for example.
It also simplifies project visualization, and enables industrial projects to be presented to customers.
Virtual models can also be used for quality assurance, by superimposing the original and the model.

Investing in industrial augmented reality today is a must. Whether in manufacturing, maintenance, training or marketing, you need to embrace this revolution. AMEG Group can help you with all your projects. Contact us today.