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Maëlle Beauvir, top-level orienteering athlete and nature enthusiast

Maëlle wants to share her passion for this unusual sport.

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Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0: definition, characteristics and challenges

Discover what Industry 5.0 is: an industrial revolution that relies on collaboration between man and machine.

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Industrial Internet of Things

lloT or the Industrial Internet of Things: the key points to retain

The Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT is the application of the Internet of Things to industry. It promises to optimize the management of the production process. What exactly are its key challenges?

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Guhtta poro at the laponie Trophy

The return of the Guhtta Poro

One month after our meeting with the Guhtta Poro who were preparing to take off for the Lapland Trophy 2023, we find them victorious, proud and still full of snowflakes.

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Hospital of the future

What will the hospital of the future look like?

At the heart of the healthcare system, hospital facilities are bound to evolve with time, society and, above all, technology. How do we envision the hospital of the future? What can we expect in terms of architecture? How will data management and patients care be handled?

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