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Aurelien Panis continued to soar during the second round of the Andros e-Trophy on the Andorra circuit on December 16 and 17.

andorra race

The second round of this 34th edition of the e-Trophée Andros took place on the Andorra circuit on December 16 and 17. Aurélien Panis had already taken the lead of the competition on the Val Thorens circuit. He continues to soar, even if the competition remains tough!

The circuit of the Pas de la Casa

The round took place on the Pas de La Casa circuit in Andorra in the Pyrenees. A circuit that Aurelien is particularly fond of, for its "speed and its huge and very technical curve". The other specificity of this event is that the circuit is modified between the two days of the race.

The first round of the Andorra race

The car racers had an appointment on the circuit with a novelty on the track: the "Joker lap" that the drivers had to take once during the finals.

Aurelien Panis started the first run on Friday with a 60 kilo handicap following his victory in Val Thorens. The goal was to score good points despite this important handicap! The goal was reached, as Aurélien and the Saintéloc team finished5th at the end of the qualifying heats and thus qualified for the Super Pole. Following a good start in the Super Final, he climbed to3rd place. He finished 4th in the general classification of the day, a good result considering the weight he carried!

At the end of the day, it is Christophe Ferrier who wins, first victory of the season, followed by Jean-Baptiste Dubourg and Yann Ehrlacher.

Andros Trophy Andorra

The second round of Andorra

On the second day of the race, the track was modified to be much faster. Aurélien Panis is rid of the 60 kilos of the day before and will be able to get a very good result.

He won both qualifying heats in front of Yann Ehrlacher (#68 - AS01 Dupessey - Mracing) and Adrien Fourmaux (#7 - AS01 Clim Denfert - DRP). He also realizes the best time of the Super Pole, which allows him to start from the Pole Position for the Super Final. Aurélien makes a perfect start and he does not leave any chance to his opponents. He wins in front of Yann Ehrlacher and Adrien Fourmaux. Moreover, he wins the point of the lap record. A perfect day with a grand slam that allows him to score the maximum of points possible on one day!

Aurelien Panis and his team leave Andorra leading the overall standings with a 24-point lead over the runner-up. It's time for the winter break, with two weeks of well-deserved rest, to enjoy the Christmas holidays.