Aurélien Panis' team: roles and organisation

AMEG Group continues to take you on a journey into motor racing with a series of articles in partnership with the driver Aurélien Panis. This collaboration is an opportunity to learn more about the organisation and functioning of the Andros Trophy race. It is interesting to understand that the driver does not work alone and that he is accompanied by a strong team. Let's go behind the scenes of a motorsport team.

Team Aurélien Panis

The team in motor sport

Motor racing is often seen as an individual sport, but it is not. If the driver drives the car, wins the trophy and shines in the spotlight, behind him, a whole team of passionate professionals is at work. Aurélien Panis (link to bio) couldn't do much without the team around him. During this Trophée Andros (link to the trophy), he is a member of the Sainteloc Racing team. Here is the presentation of his organisation and the different roles of each member.

The team manager

The team manager makes every effort to recruit the most qualified people in order to have the best possible team. He is like a conductor, directing the whole team and ensuring that the competition runs smoothly on all fronts. He knows the rules of the race perfectly, keeps an eye on the weather, observes and analyses the competitors, etc. He also has to ensure the morale of the team. He must also ensure the morale of the pilot and accompany him in the best conditions.

The Chief Engineer

The chief engineer is an indispensable part of the team. He has to combine the information given by the driver, the computer data and the car's technique to make the best settings. He is the link between the cars and the team's engineers. At the 2022 Andros Trophy, the Sainteloc Chief Engineer will be responsible for three 100% electric Audi A1s. (link to the audi)

The operations engineer

The operations engineer is in charge of a single vehicle. At the end of each stage, Aurélien Panis gives him his impressions. Together they try to improve the vehicle's performance. The aim is to find the best settings to go for victory. The operations engineer is constantly trying to develop the car to make it as efficient as possible, while respecting the regulations defined by the race organiser.

The data engineer

The data engineer deals more specifically with the data recorded by the car. After each drive, he observes and analyses them. He checks that each element is working properly: the electric motor, the suspension, the battery, the steering and driving wheels (link to the wheels).

The mechanics

Mechanics are the men behind the scenes, yet they are essential to the smooth running of a car race. Two to three mechanics are assigned to each car. They apply the settings defined by the engineer, repair the vehicles in the event of an accident and continually revise them to ensure that they are reliable, efficient and safe.

The driver Aurélien Panis is, in fact, the last piece of the puzzle. His objective is to do justice to all the work done beforehand and to give his impressions to the team in order to improve his performance. Against all odds, motor racing is indeed a great team sport! Other professions are also there to ensure that championships can exist: the organiser, the director, the steward, the steward, the technical steward and so many other professionals who act daily to make motor sport shine.