AMEG commits to Sarah, logistics coordinator

As part of its EQUITEAM CSR policy, AMEG is committed to Sarah, logistics coordinator and violist with the Grenoble University Symphony Orchestra.

AMEG partnership

EQUITEAM, AMEG Group's CSR policy

One of AMEG's core values is to be committed to its employees. It was therefore important for the company to create a collective, human experience that would involve all members of the AMEG community. EQUITEAM was created with this in mind.

With this program, we support the projects of our teams and defend the values of commitment and proximity. Children, parity and the environment are the areas we have targeted to contribute to solidarity actions.

It is in this very context that AMEG supports Sarah's association.

The project of Sarah, logistics coordinator at AMEG

Sarah began playing the viola in elementary school. She trained at the Grenoble Conservatory for 12 years, culminating in the professional cycle (CEPI), which she completed at the same time as her preparatory studies.

Today, she has found her balance. Sarah works 80% at AMEG as logistics coordinator for Cegelec CEM. An ideal solution for her personal fulfillment: she can devote time to her passion for music, while working in a profession in which she puts into practice the know-how she acquired at engineering school.

AMEG Logistics Coordinator

Emmanuel Hannebert

La Fabrique Opéra association

Sarah plays viola with the Orchestre Symphonique Universitaire de Grenoble. Made up of around a hundred musicians, the Orchestra takes part every year in an opera organized by La Fabrique Opéra. The aim of this joint project is to open the doors of opera to everyone.

Founded in Grenoble in 2006 by conductor Patrick Souillot, La Fabrique Opéra is "a human adventure that involves and unites young people from technical and professional backgrounds [...] making them players in a project of excellence through their skills".

Every year, around 500 young people take an active part in the creation and organization of an opera in collaboration with the musicians of the Orchestre Symphonique Universitaire de Grenoble, the singers of Chœur en scène and the technicians.

This project is an opportunity to introduce young people to the world of the performing arts. It allows them to express their creativity and technical skills. They become actors in the creation of an opera, on an equal footing with the professionals who supervise them. It's an opportunity to showcase their know-how.

AMEG CSR policy

AMEG supports the 2024 dress rehearsal of Faust

In 2024, the opera Faust has been chosen. It is scheduled for March 29, 30, 31 and April 2 at the Summum in Grenoble. Throughout the school year, young apprentices and students from the region's various technical and vocational training establishments will be tackling their various missions:

  • The BTS from Lycée Aristide Bergès is in charge of communications;
  • the Lycée Horticole de Saint Ismier for the manufacture of the decorative elements;
  • the ITM Grenoble work-study campus for VIP intermission cocktails;
  • SUPCREA from the Grenoble School of Design for moving-image sets;
  • Lycée Guynemer Grenoble for artist safety and backstage supervision;
  • The Lycée Polyvalent Emmanuel Mounier of The organization of the General, the reception of the public, the sale of programs and other goodies;
  • Institut des Métiers et des Techniques (IMT) des décors ;
  • Lycée André ARGOUGES costumes ;
  • The Silvya Terrad Group's Schools & CFA for Aesthetics, Hairdressing & Health, hairstyling and make-up.

The day before the doors open to the general public, the dress rehearsal on Thursday March 28, 2024 will be an opportunity to open the doors of the show to local elementary school, free of charge. The conductor will take time to introduce the opera to the children, as well as the instruments and the role of each in this collaborative work.

AMEG is committed to Sarah and supports this event on March 28. This educational initiative is part of a global project offering hundreds of children the chance to get their first taste of live performance.


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