Maëlle Beauvir, top-level orienteering athlete and nature enthusiast

Maëlle wants to share her passion for this unusual sport.

Hello to the AMEG Group team,

To thank you for supporting me in my project towards the Elite World Championships, I'd like to share more details about my atypical sport and my adventure so that you can take full part.

My name is Maëlle Beauvir and I've been a top-level orienteering athlete on the French team since 2011. I started this sport at the age of 6, and my parents passed on to me their passion for nature and for this activity.

The outdoor sport that combines physical and mental fitness: Orienteering

This outdoor sport par excellence combines both physical and mental qualities to move quickly from point to point (called a beacon) in a defined order.

In urban areas or forests, formats can be :

  • short (15min),
  • medium (35min),
  • long (1h30).

To better understand all this, I suggest you watch this short video about my career and my sport produced by France 3: https: //

Our training is therefore comprehensive and diversified to achieve performance over all these distances: athletics, trail running, cycling, mental preparation, strength training and, of course, specific orienteering training.

Today, I train 11 to 13 times a week to perform at the highest level. This commitment represents around 15 to 20 hours of training per week.

That's why I'm so grateful to you for being part of my team, because your trust contributes to my success and plays a key role in my development.

Between top-level sport and organizing team-building events: My life between the mountains

In parallel, I'm co-project manager at Antécimes (Grenoble). This company organizes outdoor team-building events in the Alps for professionals. This project is complementary in that it conveys values that are dear to me, such as team cohesion, transmission, discovering nature and surpassing oneself.

I'm doing this part-time job because, following some great performances last year, I want to put my sporting project at the heart of my life in order to achieve the great ambitions I've set myself.

In fact, despite some difficulties at the start of last year, I finished world team champion and French Elite long-distance champion.

The year 2022, which could be called a "rollercoaster" with its ups and downs, enabled me to bounce back and build new opportunities around this project.

I'll tell you about the successes and failures I've had, and the tools I've used to emerge stronger.

See you soon 😉

Maelle Beauvir, Cecile Calandry, Florence Hanauer (August 2022)