What happens to our bees in winter?

Here are some news from our beekeeper Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles who sends us these few lines. Fresh news from our sponsored hives!

Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles Partnership

 "Dear sponsor Ameg Group,

Today we visited the hives to treat the bees against varroa mites. It is a parasite of the bee which sucks the equivalent of its blood (haemolymph) and particularly the elements where the centre of their immune system is located (fatty body). Colonies that are too heavily infested are thus lacking in protein and are at the mercy of the slightest disease.

I use oxalic acid (organic treatment). This is a naturally occurring acid that leaves almost no residue. This reduces the pressure of the parasite.

I take the opportunity to weigh the colonies in order to put a loaf of Candi on those which would be too light in terms of their food reserve and thus unable to go through the winter. This will not be necessary this year as I have distributed the honey frames well between the colonies which are all heavy.

I also make sure that no branches hit the colony, that the entrance doors are well closed so that no rodents disturb the cluster of bees, that the roofs are well in place and sealed with insulation so that heat loss is minimal.

I also note the damaged hives, whose paint is getting old, which will need to be renovated next spring.

Thank you for your support which allows me to spend as much time as possible with the bees.

I wish you a happy end of the year."