Maëlle Beauvir: My daily home workout

What's a typical week at home?

I train almost twice a day every week (this differs from pre-competition weeks and training courses).

In general, three more intensive sessions are scheduled at 2/3-day intervals. Depending on the year, these may be threshold, VMA, orienteering or a longer outing with a bit more tempo. This year I'm also going back to weight training in the gym 1 or 2 times a week to prevent injuries and gain muscle power.

Between these "key" sessions, I alternate between leisurely jogging, orienteering and cycling. Whenever I get the chance, I like to get out into the mountains, do some thinking and take in the sights!

On the Vercors plateau...

I've been living on the Vercors plateau since this summer, and I'm now a Vertacomicorienne (+1 point to anyone who can pronounce it correctly 😉 ). This magnificent setting in which I can train means I'll be able to go cross-country skiing or ski touring more regularly in winter. I can't wait!

So, to sum up my training at home: 2/3 more intensive "key" sessions per week, strength training and, in between, slower-paced sessions on foot, bike or skis.


What about work?

And yes, as I explained in my last article, I work part-time as a project manager for Antécimes and Géodézic. This takes me around 19/20 hours a week and I train around 12-18 hours a week (depending on the competition season).

What's more, when you're an athlete, you also have to know how to take care of your body and your head. So I see the physiotherapist once a week, my physical coach, my technical coach and my mental trainer about 1 hour every two weeks.

I'll let you do the math, it's all pretty logistical 😉 . I'm not writing all this to complain, on the contrary, I'm the one who made this choice and I'm very happy about it!

I say this because we don't always realize how much external work goes on, apart from physical training.


And Maëlle, you talk and talk but you still haven't told us about your work?

Indeed, I'm scattered, excuse me! So I work 2 and a half days a week and I've had the opportunity to do 1 day face-to-face and the rest telecommuting. This makes it easier for me to manage my work and training schedules, while still being able to see my superb work team (whom I'd like to thank in particular).

Here is a summary of my daily life between sport, work and pleasure 😊


In my next article, I'll tell you how I cope with the stress and pressure you sometimes feel at work.

See you soon!