Laura Tarantola: a busy end to 2023

After an in-depth analysis of last season and a collective reappraisal, our team is now looking to the future.

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Hello to the AMEG Group team,

I hope you're well!

A busy end to the year

I wanted to give you a quick recap of the past few months.

After the post-Worlds break, we took the time to make a complete analysis of the whole of last season, so as to be able to consolidate the good points, and understand what we lacked at the Worlds. It was a great opportunity to question ourselves, both with Claire and the entire staff, because we're all in the same boat! 😉

Physical preparation, programming, nutrition... everything was covered in an attempt to understand the reasons for this under-performance at the Worlds.

Having set the scene, we now turn our attention to the future, with the Olympic Qualifying Regatta in May!

To prepare for it, we have several in-house events to show that we're still the two best Frenchwomen and that our boat is not in question. This part is a winter selection course, from November to March. Then there's an international double-handed competition at the Europes in early May, followed by the qualifying regatta at the end of May.

The end of 2023 was a busy year, and it went well!

After the effort... the comfort

We did a major physical preparation course at altitude in Font Romeu. Then some time in Lyon to prepare for the end-of-year solo races. Temperatures were cool on the water, but the early morning sunrises were magical.

We had some important solo tests in Vaires sur Marne, the basin for the next Olympics. They've just finished and I've won ahead of Claire.

Aurélie, our replacement, was 3rd. The feeling is good, and we've been able to gauge all the work we've put in over the last two months.

Now it's time for a few lighter days to recuperate and enjoy these precious moments with the family, before we get back into the swing of things at the beginning of January!

I wish you all a very happy festive season, enjoy and take care of yourselves!

See you soon...