HSE approach - MASE certification

By integrating an HSE approach into its corporate strategy, AMEG GROUP wishes to control the risks associated with its activity, guarantee a safe working environment that respects the health of its employees, and optimize skills management.

For several years, AMEG GROUP has integrated an HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) approach into its corporate strategy through its entity AMEG INDUSTRIE.

By embarking on this HSE approach, AMEG GROUP wishes to :

  • Control the risks related to its activity,
  • To provide a work environment that respects the health and safety of its employees,
  • Optimize skills management.


To implement this approach, AMEG GROUP has deployed a management system based on several actions. As soon as a new employee arrives, a safety induction is carried out, followed by a knowledge assessment questionnaire. Then, throughout the year, several actions are carried out to ensure the safety of employees at their workstations (safety visits, business reviews) and to raise their awareness (talks, monthly flash).

This HSE approach has been rewarded by obtaining the MASE certification.