oil and gas engineering

Oil & gas engineering consultancy

  • Project Management Assistance (PMA)
  • Expertise and diagnostic missions
  • Support project management files concerning the construction or renovation of HV and LV electrical equipment at OFFSHORE and ONSHORE production sites
  • Conceptual studies, protection plans and selectivity studies for high voltage networks

Our oil and gas engineering services

Total Gabon

Revamping of MV/LV installations

  • Support an AMO mission concerning the revamping of the HV production and distribution installations of an oil platform
  • Consideration of power increases due to the installation of new gas lift compressors
  • Minimise production downtime
  • On-site audit
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and calculation notes
  • Production of the WFD and related documents
  • Drafting of the work phasing scenario
  • Overall project management
4 people involved
1 project manager, 2 engineers, 1 technician
Total Gabon
Sonengol Angola

Renovation of relays for the protection of HV networks on oil platforms

  • Support an AMO mission to define the studies and works necessary for the renovation of the HV network protection relays of oil platforms.
  • Diagnosis of existing installations
  • Assessment of the obsolescence and expiry dates of distribution equipment
  • Definition of new protective relays
  • Carrying out the execution studies
  • Commissioning assistance
2 people involved
1 engineer and 1 technician
energy engineering

Construction of HV and LV shelters

  • Support of an AMO mission to define the works necessary for the construction of shelters equipped with HV and LV distribution equipment for an ONSHORE oil production site in Kazakhstan.
  • Preliminary design (APS)
  • Preliminary design (PDD)
  • Consultation file (DCE)
  • Assistance with the awarding of works contracts (ACT)
  • Visa of the execution studies (VISA)
  • Management of the execution of the works (DET)
  • Assistance with acceptance operations (AOR)
  • Provision of technical solutions
  • Technical control of MV/LV installations in classified areas
3 people involved
1 project manager, 1 engineer and 1 technician

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